To retreat is to embark on a spiritual journey.

It is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and then acceptance of love back in our hearts.

Private, Intensive Healing Yoga, Herbal Retreats For Your New Life Transformation

A Journey through Alpine Forests & Emerald Glades

Austrian Alps.

£1949.00 16th – 22nd June

Discover the most pristine environment planet earth has to offer. Crystal blue river streams, emerald green glades and deeply calming alpine forests. A mystical story in the making..

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Ancient Secrets, Golden Deserts & Red Sunsets

Ancient Egypt & its Mystery Teachings.

£1949.00 2021 Dates Coming Soon!

Have you ever fancied yourself an explorer on the trail of a unique adventure? Then this is the one for you, join us as we practice…

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Yoga, Herbal Hikes, Boat Trips, Dance Nights!

Yoga, Herbal Hikes, Boat Trips, Dance Nights!

£1949.00 21st – 30th May

You practice yoga by the seaside as the soaring cliffs tower behind you. We will take you herb gathering through the mountains.

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Gili T retreat was my first time overseas and it was nothing short of amazing…

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Frequently Asked Question

About Our Yoga Retreats

Flights are paid separately.

We do have our own group Travel Agent, Anna, who will be assisting you with your flights if you’d like a hand. It’s nice to know someone will help you arrive safely and travel with fellow retreaters if possible! Especially for first time travellers, which we’ve hosted many of

To choose a destination, you can read all itineraries sent via Email. Then, book into an info consultation with Amelia or one of the Team. Who would love to discuss your ideal destination and needs with you!

Our payment plans range from 2 to 9 payments, fortnightly or monthly via PayPal. It’s very simple and practical to make it possible for you to join us!

Note~ There is a savings discount applied when payment is received upfront.

80% of attendees are solo travellers out to make new friends and have the time of their life. You end up with a whole new group of girlfriends!

I pair people up based on our conversations and my knowledge of them. On our first day together ~ I confirm compatibility of personalities :relaxed: and adjust if needed. Everyone has come to enjoy a holiday so everyone is lovely and our groups always get along well.

The Yoga is suitable for beginners. I will observe your composition and suggest adjustments to poses based on your body’s needs. We ease into the first couple of days & by the final day it’s quite impressive how everyone’s body has transformed in strength & flexibility. Styles include a great variety between – Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Guided Meditations.

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